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OLM offers a warm and safe family atmosphere, and we educate students from two to eighteen years of age. Ours is a small, inclusive school, having just two classes per grade level. Our students feel highly cared for and valued, and we are proud of our strong program to support students’ social and emotional learning. Pre-School students and their families benefit from the close relationship and advice from our Wellness Coordinator. From 1st Grade through 12th Grade, we offer Guidance Counselors, with one in each segment. 


Our academic results are excellent. OLM students graduate successfully and head to outstanding universities in the United States, Brazil and Europe, having benefited from our College Counselor who guides students so that they make informed choices about universities, courses on offer and destinations. Our curriculum complies with both American and Brazilian requirements. From 1st to 12th Grade, project-based learning (PBL) puts the students firmly at the center of their educational experiences, with students working together to solve problems. We aim to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world, in which the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity will be the key skills required for them to continue to succeed. 


OLM has a dedicated, visionary Board of Governors, a highly supportive, active PTA, and a team of educators passionate about student-centered learning and achievement. We would be very proud to show you our happy, thriving school.

Mr. Craig Woollard

  Head of School


OLM is a Catholic American School whose mission is to educate the whole person for global understanding.

Core Values

Empathy, Equity, Excellence.

The Society of
Our Lady of Mercy School

The Society of Our Lady of Mercy was founded in the City of Rio de Janeiro in 1919 by a group of English Speaking Catholics who wished to have a Chapel where they could be attended to by English Speaking Clergy. The Society flourished and in 1952 established the only English Speaking Catholic School in Rio de Janeiro. The school followed and still does the American Curriculum in Education and Religious Educations as an integral part.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Parish

The Our Lady of Mercy Society, composed of a group of English-speaking Catholics, maintains an English-speaking Parish and Catholic School, under the Archdiocese of “São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro” authority. The Parish is located within the School Campus at Rua Visconde de Caravelas, 48 in Botafogo. Mass is celebrated in English every Sunday at 9:30AM followed by breakfast. Confession is offered before Sunday Mass, or any other time by appointment. You may also contact us for Baptisms, Preparation for the Sacraments of First Communion, Confirmation and Matrimony.

Schedule of Masses:
Mass in English - 9:30 a.m.
Missa em Português - 18h

Tel:  + 55 (21) 2266-8297 / 2266-8273
Fax: + 55 (21) 2266-1569

God bless you!
Msgr. Dr. André Sampaio de Oliveira
Pastor and Society’s Chaplain

Catholic Parish

Learning Resource Center

The Language Development & Special Needs Resource Center is to make possible that the complete inclusion goal is achieved by creating an adequate environment for students...



Physical Education is an integral part of the educational process. It contributes to the development of the whole child.



​​Being in touch with library users’ interests and habits is more essential to a library’s relevance than ever before.



Our Lady of Mercy School participates since 2003 of The National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN), an international event that gathers students...


After School

The program is based on the idea of a relaxing space, where fun goes hand-in-hand with a respectful attitude.

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Community Service

The Community Service component of Our Lady of Mercy School aims to integrate the students into social service activities. This component is a practical way to live out the Commandment of Christ to love and serve our neighbors, especially those in need.

The students are encouraged to exercise solidarity toward people living in Institutions like day-care centers, orphanages, and nursing homes.

Little by little, they will experience the difference they can make in the lives of so many brothers and sisters and continue to volunteer their services, as they grow older.

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"We are the Green Team, a volunteer group of staff members and parents whose mission is to change some daily habits of our community and make our School a more sustainable place. 

The greener we act, the greener we will be!"