Physical Education Philosophy

Physical Education is an integral part of the educational process. It contributes to the development of the whole child.  Therefore, physical education is considered a basic, mandatory subject at OLM which enhances the development of basic skills through movement activities.  Good health and physical conditions also form a foundation upon other learning takes place.

The OLM’s physical education program is child centered: that is the developmental need of the students take priority over merely covering the content.  Movement is essential to normal growth and development and children need daily physical education under the supervision of a physical education specialist.

Physical education is an instructional period (not recess, not free play).  The content of programs is comprehensive and well balanced and includes basic movements, sports, games, water activities, dance, gymnastics, and wellness/physical fitness activities.

The physical education curriculum uses a developmental approach including educational targets that give direction to the program.

Athletics Philosophy

Our Lady of Mercy School believes that High School Athletics contributes to the student as a whole person. A dynamic program of student sports is vital to the educational development of the student. The OLM High School Athletic Program provides to all students the opportunity to participate in activities that promote the development of: practice, refinement, and appreciation for the sports and lifetime activities; to develop social skills and moral and ethical values that we believe will be necessary for their future endeavors.

The program was developed in order to support the school’s mission.  At OLM, Athletics functions as an integral part of the total curriculum. It offers opportunities to represent the institution, to assist in the development of positive relationships and good will, to promote self-realization, all-around growth and to become a global citizen.  Our athletic program is an extension of educational our values.

Good sportsmanship, teamwork, skill development, and how to win and lose gracefully are the values that are integral parts of our athletic program.

The OLM interscholastic athletic program is conducted in accordance with existing School policies, rules and regulations. While takes great pride in winning, “it does not condone winning at any cost and discourages any and all pressures which might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health” (NIAAA, 2005).

Successfull Sports Parenting 10 Commandments for Sport Parents (USSA)

  1. Thou shall not impose thy ambitions on thy child.

  2. Thou shall be supportive no matter what.

  3. Thou shall not coach thy child.

  4. Thou shall only have positive things to say at a competition.

  5. Thou shall acknowledge thy child’s fears.

  6. Thou shall not criticize the officials.

  7. Thou shall honor thy child’s coach.

  8. Thou shall be loyal and supportive of thy team.

  9. Thy child shall have goals besides winning.

  10. Thou shall not expect thy child to become an Olympian.


According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education – NASPE National Standards and the Brazilian National Curricular Standards- PCN, as a result of participating in a quality physical education program at Our Lady of Mercy School it is reasonable to expect that the student:

  • Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities;

  • Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities

  • Participates regularly in physical activity;

  • Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

  • Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.

  • Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.

The Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Program at Our Lady of Mercy School is divided into two areas: CURRICULAR PHYSICAL EDUCATION and ATHLETICS AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES .  To meet students needs and to be effectively developed,  the program goes beyond the school walls offering to the OLM student a spectrum of physical and movement challenges.  The school also maintains partnerships with other institutions that offer a variety of other sports facilities.

Curricular Physical Education

Physical education is a curricular component that is required, inclusive, and adapted when necessary. It is offered at all grade levels at Our Lady of Mercy School.  A specialist teaches the physical education classes three times a week, to students from pre-nursery to high school.

The program is child centered, presented according to the students’ developmental level and individualities.  At the pre-school and elementary grades, the movement results are reached through recreational activities, gymnastics, rhythm and drama activities, games, and contests. At the middle school level, sports skills are introduced and basic skills are refined in a variety of contexts.

There is also strong emphasis in the social and affective themes such as accepting and expressing feelings and ideas and communicating through movement.  The high school program is still presented according to the students developmental needs and it is broke down into two areas: SOCIAL AND FOLK DANCES - taught at the freshman year; and FITNESS and Lifetime Activities taught from 10th to the senior year. Classes are ministered on school and out of school grounds.

Athletics and Leisure

After being exposed to basic instruction in motor and sports’ skills through a compressive physical education program, sports and leisure are offered to extend and complement the program.  To all students is provided the opportunity to participate in activities that promote the development of: practice, refinement, and appreciation for the sports and lifetime activities; to develop social skills and moral and ethical values that we believe will be necessary for their future endeavors.  The activities that integrate for these areas are:


Team Sports: male and female soccer, volleyball, basketball, futsal, and cheerleading;

Participation in local, interstate, and international competitions involving student/athletes from schools that are members of the Southern Association of American Schools and Associations of American Schools in Brazil;

Intramural: This term refers to team and/or individual activities, tournaments, and events, limited to school students, held within school grounds, and during or after school hours.  These activities are by principle, optional.  To each student is offered the opportunity to participate regardless of physical skills in a safe and professionally supervised environment.  Intramural is a student-centered program that takes into account the interest and needs of the students.  It also provides opportunity for the students to organize, administer, and plan the whole process.



Participation in: special events, exchange programs, field days, sports field trips, hiking trips, bike rides with fund raising for charity, sports barbecues, etc.  These activities are inclusive and gather all the school community.

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