Elementary School

The Elementary School at OLM is a great place to be! Teachers are enthusiastic and creative, students are happy and motivated and parents are pleased with this wonderful combination.

From 4th grade on, students who choose to, are invited to take their First Communion. This beautiful and memorable celebration is a very important part of our school identity. This event focuses on a very special and holy day which is the third sacrament offered to Catholics as they are welcomed to the table of the Lord.

Elementary also offers students the opportunity to transform technology into a tool for learning. Millennials at OLM perceive learning as relevant as they engage in classroom activities that are personalized, that is, tailored for their individual needs. The Elementary curriculum is designed to promote 21st century skills in a collaborative learner-centered environment to which students feel related and respond well. The Elementary iPad project is designed to teach critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration, digital literacy, and cross-disciplinary thinking.

The programs are structured in such a way as to fully develop children´s potential. Creativity is encouraged as well as respect for differences. Students are offered a variety of opportunities to experience many different cultures through literature, games, and in everyday activities.

Once a year we celebrate the International Festival, where art and dance from around the world come alive at OLM. Music and artistic projects are presented to the public, as well as ethnic cuisine. Children have the opportunity to taste international dishes from every country represented here at school.

Field trips are also a very important part of our program since they are related to what is being studied in the classroom. Visitation to museums, theater, the Planetarium, the House of Science at the federal university and many other places is offered to our students.

The Family Life Program is another activity that makes our school so special. In these activities, parents are invited to lectures given by professionals in different areas of interest such as psychology, law, education and health.

The Inner-Eye Project is designed in order to help our students to lead a better life, growing strong from within. It provides them with lifelong skills which will enhance the quality of their life. They become aware of their inner resources using these whenever and wherever they are needed.

Math, Science, and Social Studies are areas where the "hands on" approach is applied and the results have been great. Students are introduced to the Reading and Writing Workshops, a program developed by the Teacher's College at the Columbia University. Reading and writing are of great importance in our daily routine as our students are encouraged to read and write a lot at school and at home, in both English and Portuguese. Each classroom has a small library, and ebooks are also provided by our virtual library, Tumblebooks. Visits to the school Media Center are conducted every week and students are welcome there at anytime. Students are challenged with the IXL Math and Language Arts on-line program, as well as other on-line programs designed for students of our digital era.

All of these activities help students prepare for our school wide AP (Advanced Placement) Program where students are challenged with subjects offered at college level.

Marina Vanderput 
Elementary Principal

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