Guidance Department

Our Lady of Mercy School is an American, Catholic school whose mission is to educate the whole person for global understanding. With this mission in mind, the Guidance Department gives support to our student body and their families and to the teachers. The school counselors provide students with services that include counseling, staff consulting, referral of students in need of special attention and educational career planning.

In fact, the Guidance Department is the entrance door to our school. Every student who enters through our doors is seen and interviewed by one of our four school counselors, depending on the student’s grade level. Families are also interviewed and a detailed history of the student´s life is registered in our files. Therefore, the Guidance Department gives support to the students, helps teachers understand the individual needs of the student body, assists parents in best dealing with their children at their different development levels and finally helps students in the process of getting into college, both in Brazil and abroad.

Seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures related to child and teenage development, learning difficulties and other related issues are part of the ongoing professional development. Last July, the school counselors were in Boston for the American Schools Counselor Association (ASCA) conference.

As school counselors, we share a humanistic and proactive approach to guidance. The student is perceived as a whole person, not only as a student. Through individual and group activities and meetings, we try to promote a healthy environment throughout school, making sure everyone is heard and helped.

Guidance Office - 2266-8254