Early Childhood Education

Our Pre-School curriculum is based on the school's guidelines and objectives. In our segment, we structure the basic principles of the school's philosophy according to their age and abilities. The developmental stages of the child are observed by the teacher on a daily basis, through activities and interaction.


Our activities are planned based on the children’s stage of development. This is done by observing and creating a stimulating and learning environment, through the use of age-appropriate tools and materials, so that each child can develop at their own pace.


Starting at Pre-Nursery (1st year of Preschool) through Senior Kinder (last year of Preschool), our curriculum has a continuity and it expands each year to fit the children’s development stages.  


The Preschool program provides:

  • Child development in all aspects - social, emotional and cognitive (language, math, logical skills, time/space orientation, motor skills, and notions of science and social studies).

  • Effective interpersonal relationship. The basic principles of collaboration, cooperation and respect for others are reinforced at all times, when listening to, helping out and loving our friends.

  • A welcoming environment, which gives our students the opportunity to develop in all areas, through educational, age-appropriate games and activities.

  • Learning center activities, which allow the children to learn at their own pace, according to their level of ability, learning style and stage of development. During that period, the teacher has the opportunity to observe by working in small groups or individually, in order to fulfill the needs of the child and respect his/her developmental stage.

  • Literature, which is implemented in our classes in order for the children to understand that reading and writing are important, as is the association between the written and verbal language.


  • “Special Classes,” like Physical Education, Music, Arts and Drama are an important part of our curriculum. Involving the children in such activities, will help develop their motor skills, creativity, imagination and high self-esteem, among other areas.    


  • Introduction to Religion. This program, which is based on the archdiocese’s religious content, is an important part of our curriculum, and it’s taught through music, stories and fun games.

Ms. Jaidir Barbosa

Pre-School Principal

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