Registration Renewal: 2020-2021


Please follow the steps below:


1. Access the Educational Services Agreement link;

2. After logging in to ADEWeb, choose the Documentos option where you will find the Contract (for all students), the Sibling Discount Attachment(s), for any younger sibling(s), if applicable, to download. 


3. Access the links for the Medical Record and the Student Pick Up Authorization (we kindly ask new parents to fill in the updated form). Both documents will be sent to your email address for further printing.


4. Please print, sign, scan, and send the following: the Contract, (with the attachments, if applicable), the Medical Record , and the Student Pick Up Authorization  to the email addresses below, according to the student's Grade, by no later than 27 July 2020.

The Educational Guarantee Rules and the Personal Accident Insurance Circular are also part of the Educational Services Agreement. Both links can be accessed on the School website.


Please write the student’s full name and Grade (2020-2021) in the subject line of the email message. We will ask for the originals as soon as this moment of social isolation is over.  Should you need a copy of the Contrato, please state so in the same email message. We clarify that parents with pending administrative issues will not have their child/ren’s Contracts generated electronically.


It is crucial that the documents are sent by no later than 27 July so we can update our system before classes resume. If the Contract is not available online, please contact the Finance Department at (Rafael) or (Adriana)


If there are any changes in your personal information currently registered in our School system, please send an email to For any questions regarding the Educational Services Agreement, please send an e-mail to,  which will be active until the end of August. 


We thank you in advance.