Contract and Documents for the School Year 2021 / 2022

1. Educational Services Contract: this year we introduced a digital signature with the D4sign platform.  You will receive an email entitled "OLM enviou um documento para você assinar como parte". When you open the email, you will see the link "visualizar documento". When you access this, you must complete the information in order to sign the document electronically. 


Important: The Contract will not be sent to all the guardians at the same time, but will need to be signed by each of the parties listed on the student's record, as detailed below:


  • Financially Responsible Party - will be the first to receive the email and his/her signature, which will allow the contract to be sent, by email, to the Legally Responsible Party 1;  


  • Legally Responsible Party 1 will be the second person to receive the email and his/her signature will allow the contract to be sent, via email, to Legally Responsible Party 2;  


  • Legally Responsible Party 2 will be the third person to receive the email, and his/her signature will allow the continuity of the process, with the signatures of the witnesses (who are school employees) and the School's Legal Representative. Finally, all of the student's parents/guardians will receive another email with a copy of the Contract signed by all parties and witnesses.


Please note that contracts for parents/guardians with pending financial and administrative issues will not be generated electronically.


2. Go to the following links Medical Form and Leaving Campus Authorization Form. Once completed, both documents will be sent to your email address for printing and your signature and should be sent to the email addresses listed in the table, according to the student's Grade, no later than July 30, 2021. 




As for new students, there is no need to fill out the same information again.


Leaving Campus Authorization Form: If there is no change from the information submitted for the 2020/2021 School year, check: "The student exit information below remains the same as the last form completed for the 2020/2021 renewal" in the first field. 


If there has been a change, please check: "There has been a change in the withdrawal information", and complete all the fields of the form to be sent. 


Medical Record: This form must be completely updated every school year, and sent to the email address of the class that the student will attend.


You must inform us of the student's full name and Grade (2021/2022) in the subject of the email;

PreSchool and Elementary email addresses: 

Middle and High School email addresses: 

Information received by 4 pm on July 30 will be updated in the system for the beginning of classes in August. After that, the information will be updated within 24 working hours, and the information from the previous year will remain in the system (except for new students). We remind you that the signing of the contract, the sending of the Medical Form and the Student's Release Authorization are mandatory and must be completed as soon as possible. 


In addition to the documents described above, the following documents are also an integral part of the Educational Services Contract:


If you do not receive the email with the electronic contract or have any questions regarding the documents, please contact the Financial Department - / Tel: 2266-8271 (Rafael) or / Tel: 2266-8275 (Adriana).


If there is any change in your personal information, which is currently registered in our school records, please contact the School Secretary: / Tel: 2266-8279 (Neide). 


We thank you in advance for your cooperation,


Yours sincerely,

Gisele Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Business Director