Learning Resource Center & Special Needs 

The mission of the Language Development & Special Needs Resource Center (LDSNRC) is to make possible that the complete inclusion goal is achieved by creating an adequate environment for students to further develop their academic skills.  The LDSNRC specialists will work on helping students develop specific skills and resources necessary to attend their academic needs. The OLM Resource Center (RC) will offer opportunities for any student requiring a differentiated approach, as well as help teachers further develop skills in order to make his/her teaching more accessible to all students.

In the RC, each student's needs are determined and dealt with on an individual, case-to-case basis. They are served by teachers trained in second language acquisition and a special needs specialist. They might attend the RC classes individually or in small groups of no more than 3 (three) students.  These support groups are flexible and provided for as long as students need – students can come to RC from one to five times a week, depending on their specific needs.  The OLM RC offers classroom teachers support into developing differentiated approaches that will better help students perform their best academically. Classroom teachers and RC specialists are in close contact to make sure that the RC support classes mirror as close as possible what happens in the regular classrooms as well as exchange observations that can determine if student is ready for mainstreaming, and consequently be released from the RC.

The OLM LDSN Resource Center has an open-door policy for students who can come to us for help with an individual assignment, for teachers who can come to us for suggestions on differentiating a lesson plan for a specific student, for parents who can come to talk about his/her child's specific needs.